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Bridge Pardis Khalkhal

About the Bridge of Khalkhal Campus

Paul Pardisan provides links between the Ardabil-Karvani road sections and Zanjan. In the year of the annihilation of the bridge, the daughter of Gaflanukh, the bridge of the bridge has been destroyed by the Azerbaijani Democratic Party.

Khalkhal Campus Bridge
Khalkhal Campus Bridge

Khalkhal city on the north side of the city of Kosar on the east side of Gilan from the south to Tarom city in Zanjan province and on the west to the middle of the city, and through Firoozabad is 105 kilometers to the middle. The city of Khalkhal is located at 48 degrees and 32 minutes longitude and 37 minutes and 37 degrees latitude from the Greenwich meridian.


The tourist area of the Palms Pars Khalkhal is one of the most beautiful areas of recreational tourism in the city of Khalkhal townships located in the south of Ardebil province.

best time

The best time to go to the Herawat Khalkhal River is spring.

where is it

Address: Khalkhal city – Firoozabad branch – Pardisan village – Afshar Payin

How to go

By car: From Tehran, by car, you will drive about 536 kilometers from Karaj, Qazvin, Zanjan and Ardebil to Khalkhal, and from there you can reach Finarod Khalkhal along the Finarod road.

Public Transportation: Buses from Tehran’s terminals go to Ankhkan every day. Also the nearest airport to Khalkhal is Ardabil Airport, which is available to you through Ardebil flights in Tehran. You must rent a car from Ardebil to go to Ankhalk.


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