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Thirty three bridge of isfahan

About Thirty three bridge of isfahan One of the beautiful and fascinating bridges built during the Safavid period on Zayandeh Rood is thirty-three bridges. The bridge was formerly known as the “Jolfa Bridge” (because it arrived at the newly built Jolfa). It is also known as “God of War,” because …

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Square of the world

About the Square of the Universe Shahshahr Square was registered on the National Iranian Book List on February 13, 1313 and was one of the first Persian works that was registered as World Unesco World. The monuments of the role of the world: The monuments in the field of the …

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Launch of the Iranian Tourism Attraction Site

Greetings to all tourists The Iranian Tourism Attraction Site was launched at in 1396 to provide a complete and accurate source of tourist attractions in Iran and to help tourists in and out. Dear visitors, We can send us your feedback to us to check and apply on the …

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