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Emamzadeh Seyyed Hameza in Ardebil

Emamzadeh Seyyed Hameza in Ardebil
Emamzadeh Seyyed Hameza in Ardebil

This monastery is located in the southwest of Sheikh Gabriel Monastery, the great father of Sheikh Safi al-Din Ardebili in the village of Kalkhuran, and is similar in structure to the other tombs in that area. The Durata surrounds the Tomb of Imam Zadeh on a stone platform, and the outer body is framed with a simple framing at the bottom and a Chinese fence above it. The entrance of the tomb is from the north and has a very low elevation, so that it should be bent completely when it enters. The internal section is arranged in a quadrangle with four hinged arches, which is corrugated to a simple type. The top of the body of the vault has been executed. Inside the paper pantry, this text is written on the wall by the book “Bahr al-Ansab” by Ibn’Aṭbah al-Kāsam (as) on the wall: “Five people, Hamza, Ghaddoddin, Qom al-Din, Badr al-Din and Sadr al-Din Qudsallah, secrets from Baghdad, City of Ray were scattered. Hamza and Sadr al-Din zinc to Ardabil, where they built their home. Many of them became famous for the title of Mousavi. ”

Imam Zadeh is one of the historical sites in the city of Ardabil.
best time

The best time to travel to Imam Zadeh is Seyed Hemizadeh spring, summer and autumn.
where is it
Ardebil, Kalakhoran Village, Kalkhoran Sheikh Village
How to go
By car: from Tehran you will drive about 536 kilometers from Tehran through your personal car, passing through the cities of Karaj, Qazvin, Zanjan, and on the way to Ardebil, and from there you can arrive in the city of Souh and then to the Imamzadeh of Sayedehmazeh Ardebil. .

Public Transportation: Buses from Tehran terminals are routinely traveled to Khalkhal every day. Also the nearest airport in Ardebil is available through Ardebil Arrivals. You must rent a car from Ardebil to go to Imam Zadeh.
GPS positioning: being upgraded

Access to vehicles: unknown

Invalid wheelchair access: unknown

Parking: Yes

Buffet: unknown

Washbasin: unknown

Restaurant: unknown

Residence: unknown

Network Coverage: unknown

Duration: 35 minutes

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