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Givi spa

Givi spa
Givi spa

If you fall into Ardabil, do not miss the warm water of Givi. This hot water is located about 5 km from the city of Givi near the road of Ardabil – Khalkhal and above the mountain. In fact, a place at an altitude of 1720 meters above sea level gives you the opportunity to watch the beauty of nature in front of you.

This hot water gives two liters of water per second, with a temperature of 52 ° C. Local people say this hot water. Giwi hot water is useful for treating skin and joint diseases such as rheumatism and joint pain, and luckily it is a good facility for travelers.
Except for the healing properties, Givi water is one of the most beautiful natural scenery and landscapes in the Givi land, which is why tourists get to the hot water as soon as they find a hole.

Givi Ardabil Spa
Givi Ardabil Spa

Geologists who have been researching on this hot water say that it has come from collisions in the limestone and igneous masses, which is why it has properties that are not only suitable for skin problems, but also in the relief of neurological, metabolic and Gastrointestinal tract also affects.

But, apart from these healing properties, Givi water is one of the most beautiful natural scenery and landscapes in the Givi land, which is why tourists find the way to this hot water as soon as they find a shuttle. To be

If you go to the hot water of Givi, you will see that the Givi Tea River and the 2nd side gardens on the bottom of the warm water have created a charming image. The proximity of this area to Khalkhal and the natural attractions of this city is also a good excuse to stay one day in Givi and Ardabil, and look around for you.

Also know that the Khalkhal area has two cities, Khalkhal and Kosar, with a total of five mineral springs identified. Two springs called Isti Sou (Givi Spa) and a bathroom dash in Ko’ars and 3 Cheshmeh are called Hot Tubs and Hot Tubes and Til Spa in Khalkhal.

The Petah-Kour Wetland is one of the most prominent areas in the city of Ardebil.
best time

The best time to visit Path Khor Ardebil Wetland is Spring.
where is it

Ardebil, East of Ardebil, Pathakhoor village
How to go
By car: From Tehran and by car, after about 536 kilometers of carriage and passing through the cities of Karaj, Qazvin, Zanjan, and on the way to Ardebil, you will arrive from there and you will not be able to visit the village of Souks and then to the Potekhoor Ardebil wetland. Come up

Public Transportation: Buses from Tehran terminals are routinely traveled to Khalkhal every day. Also the nearest airport in Ardebil is available through Ardebil Arrivals. You have to rent a car from Ardebil to go to the Petah Kour Ardebil wetland.
GPS positioning: being upgraded

Access to vehicles: unknown

Invalid wheelchair access: unknown

Parking: Yes

Buffet: unknown

Washbasin: unknown

Restaurant: unknown

Residence: unknown

Network Coverage: unknown

Duration: 35 minutes

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