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Lei lei (Ganih)

Lei lei (Ganih)
Lei lei (Ganih)

Game Name: Lei lei (Ganih)

Player number: No limit

Age of players: 8 to 15 years old

Necessary tools: Sport shoes

Playground: A 6 x 6 meter square

Game description: At first, two players are appointed as the head of the team, and the other players are evenly divided. Then, by lot (like the lion and the line), a group is placed inside the playing field and the other group is on the ground as an attacker.

The game starts with the suggestion of the attacker’s head, one of the helpers with one leg on the playing field and, as Leili, attacks the players on the ground and touches them with their hands, causing them to burn and get out Playing from inside the pitch.

Of course, the person who goes to Leila is trying to do more with the speed and balance, and the players on the ground also try to stay away from the striker’s opponent by escaping.

Now, if the striker gets tired and leaves the other leg on the floor, he will burn. And another person should come on the suggestion of the head crew and keep the game going. This game continues until the last player leaves the attacker. If they have been able to touch all the players on the ground, in the next round, the two groups will be replaced, and they will fall into the ground, or else in the next round as the The attacking team will play.

Each win has one point and at the end of the game, each of the groups can claim its quotes by the winning bidder.

Tips: The playing field can also be circled in the form of a circle. In some areas of the game, this is combined with this stuff that players in the mines can reach the top of the attacker’s face to the surface and dispose of the game.

The result: The game not only stimulates the physical mobility of children, but also gives them a sense of goodness and self-escape, so that it is noticeable that every player tries to tolerate fatigue. Touch a number from the front of the group to make the other kids in the group less tired and have more chance of winning and ultimately getting into the ground, which will increase the speed and improve the actions and reactions that will occur when necessary. The relationship with helping friends and classmates seems necessary.

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