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Mount Sabalan

Mount Sabalan
Mount Sabalan

The Sabalan Mountain, which is called in the Azerbaijani Turkish language “Savalan” and called “Saflon”, is from the Gharosu valley in the northwest of the city of Ardebil, and in the east-west direction, 60 km long, and about 48 km wide to the Gushhdagh mountain in the south Ahar stretches and connects to the mountains by this mountain. Mount Sabalan overlooks the three cities of Ardebil, Ahar and Meshkinshahr. This mountain is 25 km south-east of Meshgin city and about 40 km from the city of Ardabil.

Sabalan is the third highest peak in Iran and a volcanic mountain inactive. The height of its tallest peak, called “Soltan Savalan”, reaches 4811 meters. On the western front, the peak of Sultan Savalan and along with the stone lagoon are in the shape of an eagle, which over time became the symbol of Mount Sabalan. This piece of rock, which is really a miracle of nature, is in the form of an eagle that sits and heads toward the east.

Where is Sabalan Mountain
Where is Sabalan Mountain

Sabalan ranges are one of the best natural pastures in Iran. The Sabalan slopes, unlike the Sahand, which is slightly rocky, has a soft and fertile soil and grows well-grown grass.

Mount Sabalan
Mount Sabalan

Sabalan is a natural attraction for nature lovers due to natural slopes of the mountain range, beautiful summer nature, beautiful lake on the mountain peak. Also, since all the Sabalan islands are covered with ice and snow in the course of the year, a ski resort called ” Alvarez “, which is of interest to tourists.
Mount Sabalan is the highest mountain in Iran. It is said that one of the Prophets’ graves is located on the summit of Sabalan, and according to the people’s beliefs, this grave is Zaresth Mazar. In ancient Persian texts, the relation between Sabalan and Zoroaster is referred to, and it is considered to be the place of prayer and worship of Zoroaster. One of the hallmarks of Sabalan’s sanctity is to swear by it. The name Sabalan is still one of the most important oaths of the inhabitants around the mountains and the nomads Shahsun. The people believe that when the name of Sabalan is taken, especially when swearing, the snake stops slaughtering.

Kuh-e Sabalan Tourist Area is one of the historical sites in the city of Ardebil.
best time

The best time to travel to Mount Sabalan is spring, summer and autumn.
where is it
Ardebil, Mount Sabalan
How to go
By car: From Tehran, you drive about 536 kilometers from Tehran through a private car, passing through the cities of Karaj, Qazvin, Zanjan, and on the way to Ardebil. From there, you can not reach the city and you will reach the village of Souks and then to Mount Sabalan.

Public Transportation: Buses from Tehran terminals are routinely traveled to Khalkhal every day. Also the nearest airport in Ardebil is available through Ardebil Arrivals. From Ardebil, you have to rent a car to go to Mount Sabalan in Ardebil.
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Access to vehicles: unknown

Invalid wheelchair access: unknown

Parking: Yes

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Restaurant: unknown

Residence: unknown

Network Coverage: unknown

Duration: 35 minutes

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