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Play Chilling Aghaj

Play Chilling Aghaj
Play Chilling Aghaj

Local game of Chilling Aghaj, local game of Iran, local game of West Azarbaijan and Ardebil

Chilling Aghaj (Old Oyun Bir) West Azerbaijan and Ardebil

Old Oyunlarin Biry Chilling Aghaj Dick Indiesh Shahr Allee Sohli Dir Dai Shahrndaddh Ten Records Dvhhmvm Hifim Gladdy Bau Oyn Myszlyadran Posizla We are Boya Borda:

Number of players: two and more

How to play:
This game requires open space and two wooden names called chilling (wooden palm of the hand and the thickness of the human finger) and acacia (roughly about 75 cm) and usually two and sometimes a group is executed by boys. . In the form of a two-player, the tournament is marked first, and then the starting point of the game is determined by pulling a line on the ground and called it moor. The game consists of two stages, the first one being a quarterfinal, and the second stage is called the game.

In the first step, the player takes the elbow in the palm of his hand and between his fingers, two to three centimeters of it above the hand, and the rest under his arm. Then he places the chillings on the top of the arm, throws it into the air, and tries to hit it by moving the lower part of the ankle and send Chilling back. The rival player is placed at a certain distance and tries to hold the thrown chiller at least or at least reach for chilling. If the other player succeeds, he will start the game in the next turn.

Otherwise, the first person will place Aggie horizontally, and the other player is obliged to take Chilling and place it from there to the back. If Chilling comes to Aggie, the game will change, otherwise the first person will again repeat the above step, and if it succeeds three times in succession, enter the stage that takes this chilling stage with one hand and With other hands, they hit Agah.

At the same stage, the opposing team will try to get chilling or hand it and if it succeeds, the game will change, otherwise it will be necessary to chill out. Unlike the previous stage, the first player Having an aging hand tries to chill out, prevent it from reaching it, if the chilling is nearer to the point and the distance is less than the size, the game will change. The game continues in the same way, so that the other player can change the game by catching the chill in the air or dropping it.

If the number of players is more than two, then the players are first divided into two groups, and after the draw, the first group begins the game. The game is like a two-player game, with the difference that if players take the group against the chilling in the air, all the players in the first group will be burned and the game will change. And whenever they hit Chilling in the air or hit their chillings, the first person will be burned up and the second will continue to play. Also in this game, according to the agreement of the two groups, the player can be re-entered the burned game, which is when a player can successfully defeat Chilling three times at the stage. The poem in this section is as follows

Yuldashimin Beer Scissor Yuldashimin Eiki Scissors
Yuldashimin Uch, my scissor, is Yuldash’s lateness

In the group game, when all the people in the first group were burnt, the second group came in and the previous group had to go to the field.

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