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Play Mash Dash (Five Stones)

Play Mash Dash (Five Stones)
Play Mash Dash (Five Stones)

Playing Name: Five Stones

Local name: Bash Dash

Game Description: First, with a pair and one coming, one of the players takes the rocks into a punch to tell the other one is paired or the person starting the game is determined. Everyone makes a mistake, they are burned, the other starts the game, and each one in its turn, from every point that remains, follows the game. The game has several stages, and the player, having successfully performed each stage, gets one point and Another stage is coming.

The first stage: 5 stones that stand apart from each other, spread on the ground, lift one up, and raise it up, take one of the stones from the ground down the distance, and with the same hand, the upper rock It takes the falling down, and it takes them all the same way.

The second stage: 5 rocks that are placed two to two, spread on the ground, one takes up and upwards … and heals 2, 2, and 2 rocks from the ground.

Stage Three: As in the above steps, it takes four rocks on the ground in two movements: one and three.

Step Four: As in previous steps, it takes 4 rocks on the ground in one go.

Step 5: The player distributes rocks, lifting one up and raising one, and taking one of the rocks on the ground, taking the stone and removing the rock from the ground with another throw. , With one more rocks, and in the same way, ends the stage by replacing all the rocks.

Step Six: At this point, the player makes the left hand side, with the thumbs and the middle, so that the finger is mounted on it, is wide-ranging on the ground.

Pointing rocks to the opponent to select one as a nomad. Afterwards, one takes up and puts it up … and again, and at that distance, the rocks can be thrown up to a maximum of 3 beats one by one, with the center of the finger being thrown from the thumb to the bouncy or broken state. Under the bridge. Because it is a rock mass, and the last passes through the bridge, it is obvious that the opponent will choose a stone as a captain, which is the dam of other rocks, and it is certain that one of the rocks will be burned by the player and the turn will be played.

Step 7: At this point, the player puts the left hand on the side of the pitch after placing the rocks on the ground and makes a wall. Open it with the right hand, throwing it one after it has been lifted upwards … and taking it again, and at this distance, one of the rocks is taken and placed over the wall, running for all the rocks.

Eighth stage: At this point, the player puts all the rocks together upside down, at the time of their return, they instantly stick their hands from one side to the other and roll the rocks with two soles, again at the same time He puts his hands upside down with two hands, and at the same time he reverses his hands and grasps the back of his fingers and takes them behind his hands, then takes a photo of him and launches the two-handed throw guns It is a winner of the game, falling even a stone, causing burning, and each of them has passed this stage.

The last stage is a punitive step and two players face up (or if they run in groups, two teams). The loser grasps the palm of his hand to the ground, and the winner takes the rocks one by one with puns (such as: punching, slapping, caressing, twisting and removing honey from the hive) behind him, then he must move with all the rocks If he could take everyone, he would not punish him, but he would be punished according to what he threw on the ground.

Tips: 1. Of course, this game can take many steps due to the skill of the skilled players. So that in some parts of Azerbaijan the game is played in more than 20 stages.

Tips 2- The ninth stage has its own special sacrifice, especially when the loser is punished and punished by honey removing the honey (ie removing the stone from the winner’s hand), until the end of the work, the winner with the finesse of the entire nail He pushes himself to the state of a bee sting on his hand and prevents him from doing so.

The result: The game also has educational goals, especially in relation to mathematical science: the familiarity and understanding of the concept of classifying numbers and collections of five members and their collections, which lasts for a long time during the first-year education period, this The titles are taught and this game is able to learn the same with a few rounds.

In this game, the child can create abundant skills and abilities in his hands and fingers.

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