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Village of Gilvan

Village of Gilvan
Village of Gilvan

The village is located in Shahrood district of Khalkhal city and is located 65 km south-east of the city and 45 km from Rasht.

Gilvan village from east to Gilan province from the south to the village of Ali Abad and Med Golan, from west to Shal village and from north to Talesh forests. The height of this mountainous village is 1080 meters above sea level and its climate is cold during the winter and mild in summer.

The ancient cemetery of the village, discovered in the district of Gilvan monastery, indicates the indigenous nature of the Gilan people in this village. The people of Gilavan village talk in Tati and Taleshi dialects.

Village of Gilvan, Ardebil
Village of Gilvan, Ardebil

The holy graveyard of Imamzadeh Ain Ali (AS) is located in the gardens of apples, walnuts and cherries and on top of a cliff in the Gilan monastery. To reach this Imamzadeh, the gardens that were surrounded by mountains have to pass through.

According to the census of 1375, the village of Gilvan had 204 inhabitants, down from 120 in 2006. But in summer the population of the village is also rising to 2,000.

The economy of the village of Gilavan is based on crop activities, horticulture, livestock and handicrafts. The main cultivation of the village is dry farming, and wheat is the most important dairy product.

Tobacco, corn, potatoes, alfalfa and beans are other rural crops. Apricot, apple, pear and pear from its garden products. Major animal products include fresh meat and dairy products, domestic poultry breeding.

People in the village, especially women, play an important role in improving the household’s economic situation with the texture and craftsmanship, such as glam, jajim, shawls and socks.

Architecture of Gilavan village is different from other villages in Ardabil province due to its location in mountainous area. The roofs of the houses are mud and entrance doors and windows are chosen to prevent small chill. In the construction of old houses, indigenous stone materials, lime mortar and wood are used.

The scenery of the Gilvan water-filled river, the altitudes around the village, the massive and lush forests, and the foggy weather, outlines the dreamy image of the tourists in the village of Gilavan.

The lush meadows and golden fields of wheat have surrounded the village of Gilavan. The rich and fruitful gardens are among the other attractions of this village. The beautiful pastures of the countryside, like the beautiful necklace, have taken the village, and fruit trees and wheat fields have doubled its attractions.

Village of Gilvan Shahrood
Village of Gilvan Shahrood

Tourist Attractions in Gilavan Village:

Clay Castle: This castle belonged to the Achaemenid era in an area of ​​6 hectares. Due to the lack of refurbishment and non-standard exploration, the main parts of the castle have disappeared.

Mirza Kuchak Khan Forest: Mirza and his followers moved after the defeat of the Gilvan Mountains, but suffered a storm and storm. Eventually, under the blows of cold and snow, on December 11, 1300, when Mirza Hooshang was taken to Cole, Came in Mirza Kuchak Khan’s grave for 44 years was in the cemetery below the village of Gilavan and at the request of grandson Mirza in 1344, a grave was taken.

Ancient cemetery of Gilavan: In 2006, during excavation of Masal Gilvan road, discoveries of skeletal remains, archaeological excavations in this region intensified. The first chapter of these explorations began in an area of ​​about 10 to 15 meters with the discovery of 15 skeletons. Also in the fourth chapter of these excavations, 4 ancient graves belonging to the Bronze Age were discovered.

Ceremony: The New Year’s Eve celebrations, the centennial celebration of the Abangan Day, as well as other parts of Iran in this village will also be held. The day of the Sultan, Dursa, 45 Norouz and Genk is one of the special events of the spring season, and the Yalda Night is celebrated with the customs of Yule Chehel, Taleh Quel and Siomou. The performance of singing songs in the Azeri language is especially popular at the village wedding ceremony. Serena and the local décolleté of the village are played on local songs and dances.

Handicrafts: Handicrafts of the village of Gilavan, includes a variety of clay, Jajim, socks and shawls.

Clothing: The Gilwan village’s dominant clothing is local clothing like T-shirts. Men wear hats, trousers, front shirts with a seven-piece collar, a half-trunk or woolen jacket, shawls and gloves (in the cold seasons). The women in the village, like women, wear casual dresses featuring a long hinged skirt, dark-colored vest, patterned pink and colorful scarves. The use of colorful and colorful fabrics is a characteristic of the women’s clothing of the village. Children of Gilavan village also use local clothing.

Local cuisine: A variety of local cuisine of the village include Shorba Blub, Chahar Ghormeh, Amazhast Ghormeh, Varieties of Alasks such as Sour Chicken, Chives and Vavishka, a variety of dishes with rice and fish.

The tourist area of ​​Gilavan village is one of the most prominent places in the city of Ardabil.
best time

The best time to travel to the village of Gilavan is the spring of spring.
where is it

Ardebil, Gilvan Village
How to go
By car: from Tehran you will drive about 536 kilometers from Tehran through a private car and cross the cities of Karaj, Qazvin, Zanjan, and on the way to Ardebil, and from there you will not be able to reach the city and you will arrive in the village of Souks and then in the village of Gilvan, Ardebil. .

Public Transportation: Buses from Tehran terminals are routinely traveled to Khalkhal every day. Also the nearest airport in Ardebil is available through Ardebil Arrivals. You must rent a car from Ardebil to go to the village of Gilvan, Ardebil.
GPS positioning: being upgraded

Access to vehicles: unknown

Invalid wheelchair access: unknown

Parking: Yes

Buffet: unknown

Washbasin: unknown

Restaurant: unknown

Residence: unknown

Network Coverage: unknown

Duration: 35 minutes

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