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Who will play your friend

Who will play your friend
Who will play your friend

The name of the game: Where do you go your comrade?

Local name: Yolandash Sunni Kim Apdari

Overall goals: Strengthening balance and endurance, enhancing the sense of guess and visualization

Particular goals: the right use of leisure time

Player number: at least 8 people

Age of players: 9 to 14 years old

Necessary tool

Playground: At least one room

Game Description: The kids are divided into two equal groups. By lot or lion and line, the two groups are identified in the rear and the front and are placed in a distance of one meter, so that the front team members identify the group behind their own and know the name.

Now they put their hands like the camera in front of their eyes, so that they can not see the place other than the front.

One of the rear group has gone and stealthy with one finger pushes one of the people in front of the group. One of his comrades says, “Who are you going to be your friend?” And he must answer: “Flanish, who is the name of one of the rear group.”

If he is, the correct name is the person who is ahead of him, he then rides on the back of the pusher and rushes to the line of his group. And the two groups do their duty.

But if the name is incorrect and false, the same player should bring the forward group forward to their group line, which also changes the two groups and their role. The game is also featured in “Guinea Pigs” and “Marji Marji” in some parts of the province. In the game of Marji Marji, the question and answer between friends and the blind person is as follows:

Mariji Marji is the son of Kenneth Edward? Mani Mohsen Apdardi

Tips: In the game, when riding a horse, the difference in faces will make the players squint. So it seems that the coach will use the children of the same age, height and height when playing the game.

The result: The child, by playing the game, while focusing on the senses, nourishes the attention and fosters the power of visualization.

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